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The terminal uses a 'mixed mode' design to keep a comfortable temperature and reduce energy consumption. For most of the year the building is ventilated through windows opening to the carpark side of the building and ceiling mounted destratification fans while also using underfloor heating in the winter. The exposed concrete floor not only provides an even heat but can also soak up excess heat in the summer to help cool the building passively. For those really hot days, or days when the weather is too cold or rainy to open the windows a mechanical ventilation system is used to provide tempered air to the space, through a duct concealed above the central feature tahuhu.

Dimmable LED Lighting in the terminal has been provided to utilise the good daylighting design of the terminal. An automated lighting control system assesses the natural light contribution into the building and adjusts the LED lighting in the public spaces to suit, saving energy.

The building is supported with a 35kWp grid tied photovoltaic roof mounted array.

The hydraulic design runs the building entirely of rainwater (with a mains top up) with grey water collection and recycling used to flush the public toilets.


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NZIA Local award