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The new building utilises natural ventilation to minimise energy and avoids cooling from traditional HVAC systems. The system works by a series of solar assisted chimneys and opening windows. Outdoor air is drawn into the terminal from the landside low level windows with extract air passing out through the airside chimneys and high level roof windows. Pear shaped fans provide additional air movement during periods of high internal air temperature. Space heating is provided by underfloor heating. A BMS controls the system with motorised windows and dampers in the chimneys and sensors distributed throughout the building. There's LED Lighting with daylight dimming to utilise the good daylighting design of the building also controlled by the BMS. Column mounted uplights illuminate the unique timber roof at night.

The project involved multiple stages of construction with stage A built over the main site power, communications and Airways infrastructure. A successful diversion of all these services was achieved in an initial enabling package. There was prefabrication of the roof structure on the ground including all wiring prior to lifting onto the columns, reducing construction complications.

The building delivery a low carbon solution to help reduce the carbon footprint of a high carbon industry.


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NZ Commercial Awards

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