335 Vision:

To improve the quality of Aotearoa / New Zealand’s built environment in the context of a climate and biodiversity emergency.

335 Mission Statement:

We will do this by:

Carbon 👣 by Financial year (April-April)*:

*Note: These are our scope one, scope two, scope three category three and four emissions, using the MfE Measuring emissions: A guide for organisations 2022 detail guide revision August 2022 (previous years have been updated to the revised August 2022 emission factors to ensure data parity ) Our flight data uses the radiative forcing multiplier emissions factor. We are currently not offsetting our emissions, and we are investigating offset and/or sequestration, but the field is complex, and we wish to ensure any offsetting or sequestration undertaken is real. Our numbers have not been independently verified by a third-party organisation. Offsetting.....